Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 3, 1912

Flo's Diary:
Up about 11 am. Breakfast. Ralph comes while I am sweeping. Talk with Mr. Adams over the gate. Lysle comes and calls off Esther dance. Take a bath – Lewis comes mild weather - sunshine. Beat Ralph 2 games of crib. Marcella and Green go for walk – so do Brown and Nell. Lewis and I. grand night out Tanana way Hot chocolate at Red cross Home and 2 in a chair.

February 2, 1912

Flo's Diary:Up real early. Go shopping. Marcella goes sleigh riding and I miss it as I meet school board at school house at 2 p.m. They decide to give me an assistance, Mrs. Sea. Mr. Druery–Green–Gox come. Nell stays all night with Dee. I walk with Fox Harold goes home early why? candy – 2 boxes. Sunny.

February 1, 1912

Flo's Diary:Walk with Mrs. Ollsen and Mr. Fox over to Heacocks. Down town shopping. Mr. Green, Mr, Drury, Mr. Morrow and Bob came up for evening. Flashlights, ice cream at "Red Cross" x x x Chinook wind melting snow. Bed at 11:30 - last the bet. x. x. & o.

This doesn't really have anything to do with this post, but I thought this chart of winter temperatures taken from the Fairbanks Red Cross Drugstore was interesting.

January 31, 1912

Flos' Diary:
Mrs Heacock over early and start our fire. Marcella and I eat lentils. Go to Heacock's to Ladies Aid. Fruit salad. Go to High School play.