Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 1, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up about 8 - write letters. Girls up about 10:30. Get breakfast – wash dishes and clean up. Nell and I go for a walk. Meet Mrs. Kettle's son. Get big bunch of mail. Home at once to read it. Nell and I go skating – splendid time but cold 15° below. Walk. Beautiful moon light night. Home and found Mr. Green. Talk awhile. Bed about 11.

Doesn't look like they got up early to go shopping on Black Friday but the post office was open! Here is what skating on the ice might have looked like for these ladies.

Today in history: The Ford Motor Company introduces the first assembly line.

Monday, November 29, 2010

November 30, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Thanksgiving. Up at 10 o'clock. Write letters while M. and Nell get up. Breakfast at 12. Feel stiff from dancing. Make some candy which turns out too soft to eat with nothing except spoon. Dress in my green and go to Heacocks for dinner. Meet Judge Pratt and son, Mr. Southworth and Miss Harris. Dandy dinner. Turkey galore. Spent evening there talking and games. Home about 10:30 and ready to crawl in bed.

President Howard Taft's Thanksgiving 1911 proclamation November 30th was proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and prayer. Read the New York Times Editoral.

I can only guess that Judge Pratt's son may be Harry E. Pratt who also be came an attorney and Judge for the US District Court and later hired Ted Stevens as US Attorney. Alaska Dispatch.

But the big question...what time do the shops open in the morning? Has Black Friday caught on?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 29, 1911

Flo's Diary:

To school for all day. Take lunch. Downtown. Rest. go to dance with Marcella and Mr. Green. Have a dandy time and meet many people. Eat Turkey. Home at 3:30 a.m.

A pre-Thanksiving dinner would have been served at the dance. A few options might have been:

"Thanksgiving Dinner. Oysters with Sherry, Thanksgiving Soup, Popped Corn, Roast Stuffed Turkey, Brown Gravy, Sweet Potatoes a la Bement, Boiled Onions, Turnip Croquettes, Cranberry Conserve, Chicken Pie, Chiffonade Dressed Lettuce, Puritan Pudding, Foamy Brandy Sauce, Mince Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Nuts and Raisins, Assorted Fruit, Cafe Noir."
---Catering for Special Occasions with Menus and Recipes, Fannie Merritt Farmer [David McKay:Philadelphia] 1911 (p. 145) from http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodthanksgiving.html

or something like this menu from the Hotel Marion in Oregon? My guess it that dinner was a little simpler.

One might have received a card like this in the post.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 28, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up at 7 o'clock to school. Teach hard. Go down town see Mr. Healy at Meyers and meet Mr. Litsey. Mr Thrist for dinner - Capt. and Mr. Charles up in evening.

What exactly does "teach hard" in 1911 mean? It is Tuesday before Thanksgiving...I don't image there were any movie for film strips to watch!

So many men, so little time!

Friday, November 26, 2010

November 27, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Fitful night - up at 7. My 1st day in Fairbanks public schools. 58 kids. Nice. Get along nicely. Busy day. Home with Miss Gilmer. Mr Green asks us to go for a walk. decline. M. goes. Mr. Thrist for dinner. Miss Gilmer and Miss Taite come for a walk. Tired - bed early.

Fairbanks Public School:

From Frank and Frances Carpenter collection (Library of Congress), a gift of Mrs. W. Chapin Huntington; 1951.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 26, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up about 9:15. Get breakfast. Go to Church. Few there. Do school work. Meet Mr. Thrift and Mr. Barris falls thru door. Surprised to see me and backs out. Girls to practice. Dress in my blue silk. Mr. Carin, Mr. Davis and Mr. Healy come and take us to the Shaw House to dinner. Chicken. Splendid time. Candy from Mr. Healy. Come home and visit. Dandy time. Like. Mr. L. Bed and talk to 11.

So...there's a new girl in town!

I was looking up how chicken might have been prepared but didn't come up with anything but I did find this Food history timeline, where and found that 1911 saw Crisco introduced but it wasn't until 1912 that Oreo's changed how one viewed a glass of cold milk.

There were several churches in town by this time: St Matthew's Episcopal (interior), First Presbyterian Church, Immaculate Conception Church, and First United Methodist Church. There may be a few others as well. I suspect that she attended St Matthew's based on letters that she wrote to my Dad - I think Lori might have these. I remember seeing them when we were going through books.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 25, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up about 7:30 - got breakfast. Washed, scrubbed, and ironed and pressed. Went down town with Marcella. Bot hat $12 – brown satin fur rim and brown flowers Very pretty. Bot ring. Met many people go to Mrs Boyer's party. My introduction to Alaska society. Meet many new people. Have dandy time. Walk home with Mr. Pratt. Very nice fellow. Bed 2 am?

Here is a little look at what some early 1913 hat fashion were like and might give us and idea of what the new brown hat that Aunt Flor purchased was like. Did the merchants in Fairbanks in 1913 keep that current with the trends? or should I be looking for fashion examples from a decade before?

So long little bear

We have to say "happy trails" to our dear friend Oso. This big black dog has been a great companion on many of our hikes around Juneau and a willing participant in a lot of our adventures. We met him as an elderly dog–none of the silliest of a puppy; he had a honest spirit–happy when he wanted to be and cranky when he felt necessary. For a long time I felt he didn't like me, tolerated my presence at best, but then things changed and he looked happy to see me. I never considered that I would have to gain trust from "Man's Best Friend" but I did with Oso.

I will miss the attention he paid to anyone who had their right hand in their pocket (where the treats were, of course) even if he didn't know them, his anticipation for turn-around-treats on hikes and walks, the flop of his ears as he trotted along the trail (day dreaming of treats, no doubt), his excited bark as he approached the house in the car from a couple blocks away, and his singing of "Happy Birthday" whenever anyone started the song. Not just any song, but only "Happy Birthday."

I will miss having to give him a spoonful of yogurt when he first got up in the morning so he wouldn't throw-up, prying the dead salmon out of his mouth as he tries to woof them down at Boy Scout Beach, and cleaning his long black feathers of twigs and other things that get caught in fur.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 24, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awake in Fairbanks - Hurrah! Up and eat and fly to school (old times) Meet Miss Gilmer, princ. Mrs. Sea, Miss Fairburn and rest of teachers and pupils. Visit and then come home. Wash dishes – sew. Go to school and get Marca – Meet Mr. Condit, Presby min. Mr. Drury. Girls go to practice play. Mr Drury and Mr Green come and fix pipe. Visit awhile. Write letters.

This image is from Juneau, but I bet it was the same Mr. Condit!

Here is the schedule that she must have carried along with her to keep track of where she was, where she was going and how much the accommodates and boarding cost. At the bottom she has $63.50 - this much have included the Chitina stay as well.

I have no idea about the calculations on the back of the card.

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 23, 1911

Flo's Diary:

A 5 o'clock breakfast and out on the road (40° below). for our last day's ride on trail. Quite dark. Pass thru Indian Village – over slough on a flat country. Pass telegraph Station 7. Jog thru lanes of snow covered trees – beautiful. Dinner at Byler's. Eat my 1st rabbit. Met other out bound stage. See smoke of Fairbanks then wireless station and soon I am standing on seat to see the flag on school house thru haze. Saw most gorgeous sunset ever seen – golden. Typical of Golden North. Point out brewery next. Cabins begin to appear and soon we turn a corner and enter Cushman Street. Am welcomed to Fairbanks by Simsons. Long street thru main part of town. Some very pretty homes, large stores – arrived at stage office – get out of wagon enter stage. Meet Mr. Charles. Bid good-bye to Simsons. go with Capt to Shaw house – while registering Marcella comes in with x.x.x. tickled most to death. Go to her cabin. Cozy. Meet Heacocks, next door people. Invited there for Thanksgiving dinner. Go downtown. Met the butcher and several others. supper. Bath. Clean up. Bed about 10.

Image of Byler's Roadhouse - gotten love those hand-painted post cards! This sled is close to the sled that my Great Aunt used.

Hooray - She has made it to Fairbanks!

According to the details on this image, here is a picture of downtown Fairbanks, including the Shaw House

Fairbanks 1913

This image came from a photo album that Flo's sister kept. Great Aunt Gladys didn't come to Alaska until about 1918. I'm sure that just in those few short years her travel to the interior were quite different!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 22, 1911

Flo's Diary:

5 o’clock again. Start out in bob sled and with new driver Al Sipp. Best ride on trail. Go sailing along thru woods and flats– hills and gulches. Met Mrs. Franklin xxxxxxx. Saw many grouse and rabbits. Stopped at Martin’s R.H. for dinner – moose again. Cross Tanana River. Break thru overflow and scares us. My 1st holler. Cap walks 5 miles and josh him about being afraid. Changed to buckboard or small wagon. Springs on it so we go along splendidly. Cross slough 40 ft deep. Come to Munson’s R.H. Most like a hotel yet. Dandy supper – grouse and ice cream.

Image of Martin Roadhouse
Image of Munson's Roadhouse - hand colored
Mr Munson feeding moose calf – the image says that he died in 1913. I wonder if he was still at the roadhouse when Flo came through?
Image of Bridge across Munson's slough

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 21, 1911

Flo's Diary

R.H. man forgot to get up so late start. 2 double enters hitched together. Ned drives ours. Overhills, Niggerheads and lakes. Cheechako horse afraid of ice. Dinner at Gordons – moose steak – good. See beautiful sunrise on mts. Shell pink and deep rose colors. Mt Hayes. Very rough all PM over nigerheads. Horses most give out. Worst so far. Reach Sullivan’s about 8 o’clock. Got called down by women who wanted to sleep. Giggle of course. Bobby Hamilton (notorious) and nice clear place. Sleep well.

Image of Sullivan's Roadhouse (Delta Junction)

"Niggerheads" isn't a very nice name for the tundra tussock that she must have crossed. It is a word that I grew up with but choose not to use. It should be noted that when you google the word you get all kinds of different definitions.

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 20, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Was tired so didn’t write – wasn’t awakened so early, Oh yes. Breakfast in 20 min. Beautiful drive sunshine. Little wind. Xxlyd(?) Beckwith drives some horses in water. Come to Rapids for dinner. Change drivers and sleds. Over rough roads. Double enders 4 fastened together. Nice ride but long. Pass telegraph station downhill to Donnelly’s RH. Clean place run by man. German cookies. Bed early. Mike Cooney driver. Famous.

Rapids would be Black Rapids - checkout the new and improved Roadhouse!

Could this be the cookie that was served? Lebkuchen: German Cookie Recipe from 1911

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 19, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Well L:? I don’t know whether I want to go back over the trail or not. Think I’ll be good hereafter. To begin - awakened by a knock - breakfast at 5 o’clock Change drivers and from bobsled to double-enders. Single file: Meyers 1st, Capt. 2nd, Simpsons, 3rd, and I in the back. Lashed on with rope. Go over little Delta river. Snow drifts and wind. Gravel overflow about 1 ft deep. Put skates on sleds to hold them in ice but wind blew them out. Wind 75 miles an hour. Chat with driver Charley - interesting. Dinner at Yost. bum. Night at Miller’s. Some better. Beautiful scenery thru canyon. Sleepy. Rode over divide of Copper River and Yukon River a very gradual rise.

I wonder if the "L" she is referring to is her sister Loretta? or maybe its the big "L" as in "Lord"!

I think she has some of the river names mixed up. she would have left the Copper River at Gulakana so I think she means the Delta River. and when she says, Yukon River, I think she actually means the Tanana River (although the Tanana does run into the Yukon!)

Image of Fairbanks-Valdez Trail
Image of Yost's Roadhouse

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 18, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awakened by “7 o’clock folks” and 20 min till breakfast. Hurry to dress, eat and get ready. First great jolt rec’d was plunking down $7 for 3 meals and bunk. Dark when started. Snow, the welcome snow, small fine flakes. But the real thing. 1st 10 miles rough. Dinner at Meier’s R.H. good - $2 for meals or lunches. Big flock of white ptarmigans. Change to sled. Up hill and on over lake Gulkana. Fine ride stinging cold wind blowing snow. Indian legend - Big fish swallowed Indian - Moose and raft. So never go out on lake. Came to Paxon’s R.H. for night. Meet Judge Wickersham. Nice place. Bed early as have a 5 o’clock breakfast.

Meier's Roadhouse - According to this report, Charles Meier was a cook for Alvin Paxson at Paxson's Timberline Roadhouse (mile 192) before opening up his own roadhouse at mile 174
Paxson's Roadhouse – mile 191
$7 in 1911 is equivalent to about $73 in 2010.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 17, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awakened by 6. breakfast at 6:30. Mush for 3 miles. road very rough. See rabbits, white grouse. Saw a mud plastered head on stump. Stopped at Sourdough road house for 1/2 day and night. Bunks to sleep in.

Image of Sourdough Roadhouse (image shows Model "T"...)
See a replica of the Sourdough Roadhouse at the Fountainhead Antique Car Museum in Fairbanks.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 16, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up at 6. Awaken by tap on door. Fine sleep. In stage by 7. Get a splendid view of Mt Wrangell smoking. Also of Mts Sanford, Blackburn and Drum. 20° below. About 1 mile on north side of Copper Center – see Copper River steaming. When crossing over the Kuskuslena (Klutina?) river my nose froze. Mrs. Simpson rubbed it with snow. All right afterwards. White rabbit again. Go down a steep and dangerous hill. Find road all morning. Stop at Dry Creek Roadhouse for noon. Grouse to eat. Rough road. 10 miles. Go thru lanes of cotton wood - willow and fir. On high table land. Come down hill to river Gulkana. Have to get out as bridge isn’t very strong and walk 1/4 mile to roadhouse. Very pleasant. Met out bound stage, several passengers One B.G. Splendid supper Talk with Mrs. Hoyt - roadhouse lady. Bed early.

Historic Eruptions from Mt Wrangell
Image of Smokin' Mt Wrangell
Image of Dry Creek Roadhouse
History of Gulkana - this was (and is still today) a junction where roads/trails meet
Image of Gulkana Roadhouse

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 15, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Flo's Diary:

Awake early - 5 - up at 5:30. Dress on bed. Don’t wash my face - put cold cream on it. Breakfast. Get ready and mount in wagon for our journey. Sore already but ready for more bumps. Go thru along lanes lined with trees. fir and cottonwoods. Saw 3 white rabbits run across the road. A black raven follows us a long ways. Eat dinner at Willow Creek Roadhouse (rotten) Meet Mr. Tozier of Fairbanks. Tells of Marcella and Miss Miller. Get in wagon and bumps - oh my - one of the roughest parts of the road. Get another beautiful view of Mts. Long ice pinnacles on trees - very beautiful. Go down hill - cross Klutina river and center Copper Center. Change watches back an hour Nicest roadhouse so far. Splendid dinner. Have an interesting talk with proprietor. They say he is drunk but very courteous and thotful. Men play solo. Bed early.

Luckily, the Copper Center hotel wasn't like the one photographed here in about 1900.

But later, sometime after 1915-16, this image looks pretty nice.

And this would have been a site to see: Angora Goats!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 14, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awake at 5–up at 5:30. Breakfast at 6. Pay bills $10. Bid goodbye to Hotel Chitina. Go to stage office pay $130 and start over trail to Fairbanks. Passengers: Mr. and Mrs. Simxson (sp?), Mr. Meyers, Capt. and I. Big load. Start out merrily. jolts. road is awful–but we don’t feel it so much. Wrapped up to[o] much. Have on suit, tights, bloomers, skirt dress sweater, heavy coat, fur coat, fur cap. 2 pr stockings, and felt shoes. Have fur robes under and over–no chance to get cold. 10° below. Soon frost all over us. Pass thru the most beautiful scenery. Over dangerous roads – most way follow Copper River – road cut out of hillside. See Mt Wrangle smoking. Most beautiful snow capped range. Long frost pinnacles on trees. Eat dinner at ____ Road house [must be Little Tonsina]. At end of 26 miles stop at McDaniels RoadHouse for night. Fine supper. Hear interesting Indian legend of country. C.R. [Copper River?] once a glacier volcanic upheaval and broke glacier up and rearranged Mts. Mrs. Simpson and I bunch together. Have home made bed with few straws for mattress–dirty–ugh. Have a fitful night’s rest to scare cat away.

Rest stop at Lower Tonsina Roadhouse 1903

This image from the UAF archives is probably very similar with what the ride was like on the Fairbanks-Valdez Stage. This image was taken in front of Tonsina Roadhouse.

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 13, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Another bright and beautiful day. Oh if it would only snow! Took another walk down R.R. track – met man carrying pack on back. Packed my suitcase–as I’m sure going to start for Fairbanks tomorrow. Walked and read. Dinner alone. Had an experience: a man who introduced himself as McGan or McCann (drunk) sat down at my table and began to talk. Gave me compliments etc. wants to give me letter of introduction to a Mrs. Biglow. Wanted to order beer for me. Asked how old I was and a lot of other foolish questions. I finished my dinner and left without paying any notice of him. To bed early.

In 1911, the Cooper River and Northwester Railroad transferred its first of many shipments of Copper Ore from Kennicott to Cordova.

Woman Entry in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

Hotel Chitna today (panorama, 360° view) (I don't believe this is the same hotel as other information I found dated this hotel to 1914)

Brief History of Chitina from National Parks Service (pdf)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 12, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Sunday. Awake about 8 o’clock. Cold 26° below. Fire won’t burn. Stay in bed till 12 o’clock. Breakfast and lunch together. Walked down R.R. track for outing. see to the east a range of snow capped mountains. Beautiful.

Back to room 20 - will I ever forget 4 days of prison.

Read Nov. McClure’s. Saw a tribe of natives come to town in dog sleds. A woman mushes out from Fairbanks 350 miles. Long walk.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 11, 1911

Flo's Diary:

A bright beautiful day - up at 10 - breakfasted - took a walk down the R.R. warmer. Read–wrote and slept. Monotonous–Dined with Capt. Read some more and bed early.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 10, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Slept pretty well. up at 10 o’clock. Peek out of window and see sun coming up – beautiful town surrounded by hills with snow – cold 6° below zero frost on windows. Typical Alaska. rough place. Dinner at noon along – write and read and poke fire. Walk with Capt. and supped. Read and bed. Sun down at 3:30 p.m. Dining room opens into saloon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 9, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up early–breakfasted paid bills which were very reasonable. Got ready and sat in front of fireplace and toasted my toes. 8:45 bid adieu to my new friends and went to train. Copper River and Northwestern R.R.. Quite a crush on Christensen. 9:30 pull out from Cordova for Chitina. Only woman on train. Several Men. 1st pass thru coast range around lake - beautiful. Entered a cold barren plain edged with mountains. No snow but water frozen. Cold wind and find sand blew. Disagreeable. Eyes full.

Saw great steel bridge – Childs and another glacier. 300 ft high. Great engineering feat to build the road. Pass along Copper River–saw rapids. Snow sheds, canyon. Parts of old trail. Conductor tells bear stories, quite entertaining. Reach Chitina at 7:30 P.M. dark but moon light very clear. 17° below zero. Go to hotel room $0. Most men I ever saw. Meet Mr Erickson and Mr Fowels (sp?) of Fairbanks. Say trail is in awful condition. go to supper with Capt. and then Mr. R. and Mr. Rockyfeller come up and say trail very bad so wait until Tues. go to bed. Fine all night.

Could the Abercrombie Rapids be the ones that Flo mentioned?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 8, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up at 10. Walk on hill. Lunched. Read. Walked. Dinner with Miss Smith. Bath and bed early.

Not too much to add!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 7, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awake early but lie in bed till 10. Take walk on hill. Lunch, visit school and Miss Nettleton. Met Mr. O’Conner from Fairbanks. Interesting old white-haired gentleman. Ate dinner with Miss Smith – met Miss DeGrafe. Walk home with Miss DeGrafe and then visit with Miss. S. To bed early. Met Mr. Hour (sp?) and saw Mr. Clark.

According to Mining, Media, Movies by Elizabeth A. Tower *, a Ruby DeGraff of Cordova, kept the records for Capt. Lathrop in the first established Cordova Chamber of Commerce (1913). DeGraff continued to work for Lathrop as a personal secretary. As Lathrop become more involved in establishing theatre's around the state, DeGraff found herself traveling around to the theatres and to Seattle helping run them and managing the showings.

Tower, Elizabeth, Cap Lathrop's Keys of Alaska'a Riches: Mining, Media, Movies, 1991.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 6, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awakened at 3:30 a.m. by cry of Cordova. Hurrah in Alaska at last! Peek out of window – see clear–frosty stars shining snow on mountains – moon light and all seems beautiful. Stay in bed until 5. get up. Ship deserted all on land get my things ready and bus comes – an auto! Cold but [i]nvigorating. Not light yet. Go to Windsor hotel. Very modern. Have nice room: bed, lounge, mahogany dresser and table and chairs, heated and bath. cost: $1.50. Big fireplace in office. Stay here until Friday. Go to breakfast with Capt. Sleep–read–write. Walk out to see the city. Beautifully located. Rec’d caller. Miss Smith, a teacher. Took bath and to bed. Slept very warm.

Main Street, Cordova Alaska 1910
First Street, Cordova, Alaska 1910
First Street, Cordova, Alaska 1910

Windsor Hotel Token
Historical Dollar Comparative: $1.00 in 1911 would be about $23.30 in 2010.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 5, 1911

Flo's Diary:
Still rolling. Stay in bed all day. Read Edna’s letter. Visited by stewaredess (Mrs. Weston) purser and cabin boy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 4, 1911

From Flo's diary:
Bright clear day so far. Changed time at Ketchikan 1 hr. later so I got up an hour earlier than I expected to. Walked deck with Mr. C. Sit in smoking room enjoying the scenery. Begin to feel dizzy so go on deck. Play with Richmond Price (little English Boy). Warm and sunny out. Entered ocean – big swells. Ship rocks. Lunch called go down but come away and take to my berth. All night when I lie down. Dine on crackers and chip beef. Rough all night sea dashed into my window.

Timeline History of Chipped Beef

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 3, 1911

From Flo's diary:

Passed thru Queen Charlotte sound during night – rough – boat rolled. No sea sick yet. Stewardess brought me breakfast. Up at 8. clear. Beautiful scenery. Passage like a river with tree clad hills on either side. See some snow on hills - waterfalls. Pass cannery and lumber camp. Write letters & cards. Noon: 510 miles north of Seattle. Walked deck with Mr. Clark. Played whist with Capt. v.s. Mrs Wallace and Mr Clark. Read. Wrote. Dinner. Saw gambling. Feel dizzy so go to bed at 8. Pass thru Ketchikan as 12 midnight. Poke head out of window. Clear and cool.

I found this image of a cold storage facility called the Skeena in Queen Charlotte Islands near Prince Rupert.

1912 Fortmann Salmon Hatchery - one of the largest salmon hatcheries
1911 Historic Ketchikan postcard image.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2, 1911

from Flo's diary:

Nov 2: Awoke at 5 am. Boat going smoothly. Fine rest. Gray sky. Breakfasted. Walked on deck with Capt. Read magazines which Olive game me. Lunched. Played Whist with Mr. Reed, Capt. Lathrop, Mr. Clark. Dinner. Whist. Talked with Mr. Reed. Red at 10.

Olive was another of the Salladay sisters.

Whist was a popular 19th century card game. It sounds a lot like the more modern version of Bridge.

Capt Lathrop distributed the silent movie, "The Chechahcos in 1924. According to Wikipedia, he was living in Cordova in 1911 where he was mayor. Source: http://www.alaskarails.org/sf/film/cheechakos/index.html

This was taken in the 40-50s. Source: http://vilda.alaska.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/cdmg11&CISOPTR=1779&REC=8