Monday, March 22, 2010

Flooring in Bedroom

I convince Tim that we really needed to get rid of the ugly trim that was stuck on the bottom of the walls in the master bedroom. I just didn't get it. They were dirty and I couldn't clean them and though the rectangles were similar size, I just didn't get what they were for or any design sense.

We really didn't know how they were attached or what kind of a mess we would have if they were removed...but they were ripped out and made ready for a bonfire!

Tim is a master with drywall and was able to mend the holes, bumps, and bruises that were left behind. And then we painted. We wanted something to complement the bright white trim and the name "Yosemite Sand" caught our attention – we couldn't resist getting it! We now have the rootinest, tootinest sumbith in Douglas!

A fresh coat of glossy white paint on the heat registers...

and new laminate flooring…

Don't you love the bright red underlayment padding!

Oh my aching knees! You'll have to wait for a final picture - more work to finish up: trim, heat registers and closets!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new bird from deck

For about the last month on the weekends, we've been waking up to the sounds of the Song Sparrow. This little sparrow sits on the top of a bush at the waters edge just singing its lil' heart out. I hope that it finds a mate soon or maybe it already has because sometimes you hear the song in different places. I love being able to hear the song bird while laying in bed!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

progress on the house

We are making some slow progress on the house - you know how it goes - everything seems to rely on something else getting done first. So we are figuring that part out. Plus we are limited to the supplies that are on hand. If we had to wait to order everything we'd be even farther behind.

We finally decided on some tile for the entry way and doorways leading to the decks. These are pretty small areas so we didn't need a lot of tile but it took about 6 weeks to get our plan together. During those 6 weeks we came up with some wacky ideas about making our own tiles and polishing stones...Luckily we finally found something in stock that we thought would be good enough.

And it turns out that it looks pretty nice with the flooring that we have, highlights some of the cabinets and trim, and it draws from colors on the beach you can see outside the doorway.

So we can do some grout and tick this off our list. Next up - remove old tile in kitchen and order new appliances. Anyone know of a good dishwasher - one that loads and unloads itself?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not enough tests?

Ok - here is the last one:

50 aptitute/career tests everyone should take complied by the Accredited Colleges Inc.