Monday, March 14, 2011

February 10, 1912

Flo's Diary:

Sat so not up till 9:30 clean house wash my head and Lysle comes. Eat lunch and Green comes. Get back to A. B. dance for next Friday night. Everett Ingram and Lenard Heacock take Marcella and I out for a ride behind 7 dogs. A glorious day and ride. Marcella–Green and I go to Ester to dance in double ender. Nell, Dee and Brown go in another one. Great time and novel dance. Many Fairbanks people there is stage. Dog houses. Met several people–miners invited out by Pattersons – Home by 5 am. 10° below.

February 9, 1912

Flo's Diary:A beautiful sunrise and splendid view of Mts. and Mt Mckinley. Where are the boys? Have missed them. Fenced. Went down town – got supper – wrote letters.

February 8, 1912

Flo's Diary:10° above - beautiful day. Develop pictures. Marcella Drury and I go to picture show. Drury wants to be father-in-law so he can make love to us.

February 7, 1912

Flo's Diary:
A most beautiful sunrise. Golden 10° above. Nell stayed all night at Ollsen's we come home an get dinner and wash dishes. Nell gets dinner. Splendid - rabbit - all alone.

February 6, 1912

Flo's Diary:

Alarm at 7 but lay until 7:30 and then hurry to school. Much better. Get Dinner and print more pictures. Drury comes and and asks us to go to the pictures show. Knock at door. Marcela opens and Fox stands there. Look of disgust on face. He asks me to go to Masonic ball. Refuse. Otherwise engaged. Green comes so Drury and I go to picture show. Boys to at 11. Beautiful day.

February 5, 1912

Flo's DiaryUp at 7 - oh dear - sleepy. go to school. Room changed. 34 kiddies - splendid - tired. Supper make meatloaf. School work - print pictures great. tired. Bed at 9:15.

February 4, 1912

Flo's Diary:
Up at 9 AM. Go to Church with Lewis. Write Letters. change my dress and go to dinner with Lewis and rest of crowd at Arcade. Grouse and toast - while others go to show - Lewis and I sit in chair and talk. Bid he and Ralph goodbye as they start on Mt. McKinley trip next day. Bed at 11 - school next day.