Saturday, April 9, 2011

February 16, 1912

Flo's Diary:
Cloudy - Busy Day. Refuse Miss Gilmer's invite out to dinner – home at noon and start dinner- get bath water rush home from school and start fire. Fence - go to M.E. church for cafeteria dinner - very good. Rush home for bath. Get ready for A.B. dance. Marcella comes home and bathes. Rush back to church for ice cream with Adams. Rush home and Harold and Litsey come. Rush to dance so as to be there at 9. Splendid times. Harold and I come home at 12:30. Stay up till M. Arrives so as to talk things over.

My goodness...there was lots of rushing around on this day. Just think about how life has changed in 100 years - and how much easier it is to draw a hot water bath!

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