Friday, June 27, 2008

Cappy has a visitor

Cappy had a new visitor a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay in posting). Thom came down as a guest performer for the symphony and played in a couple of concerts. He brought down his viola for the event–he has a very cool instrument–its an ergonomic viola. He said he read about it in the New York Times and its only one of a few and had to wait for a couple of years to get it. Here's a picture (click on picture and then scroll down to May 20 to see the picture). Very cool, isn't it! And he played a few minutes for me and it sounded awesome. It was fun to hang out with Thom, we went on several walks around the area. Tim had to work over the weekend so Thom was good company for me. We hope to see him again for another concert!

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