Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Mac Converter for those Office 08 Docx

The previous beta document converter (Open Office XML Format Converter for Mac ) that Microsoft put out only worked with word documents (.docx) A new converter has been released that works on word, excel and powerpoint documents that have been created in Office 2008 and can't be opened in older versions. If you don't have the latest version of Office it can be annoying when you got those documents that end in x and can't open them. Here's an article in MacWorld and the Mactopia link to the converter you can download to your desktop to open documents that end in .docx, .xlsx, and pptx.

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Tim Olson said...

Thanks, Heidi.
This will come in handy. I have been forwarding "x" documents to myself, converting them on my Dell desktop computer and sending them back to myself to pick up on my mac.
That was a pain. -Tim

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