Sunday, June 28, 2009

This and That again again and again

Dairy-Free, Sugar Free RAW Chocolate recipe - this sounds delicious!

And this was delicious! I thought we'd try out something different with some red chard this week. I normally steam the chard with some garlic and black pepper and maybe some onion slices. Then before serving drench it with rice wine vinegar. We like the taste and its easy. But we had that flavor last week so I wanted to try something a bit different: Red Chard and Caramelized Onions. The blend of brown sugar and sweet onions combined with the salty from the olives and the tartness of the lemon juice and caper - lovely explosion in the mouth! I would suggest slicing in the olives in half so they mix better with the onion slices and chopped chard.

When I was in Fairbanks in May I stopped by the Georgeson Botanical Garden to see how the Ohlsen Family Garden spot was taking shape. It looks like they might be starting work on the upper part where they wanted to turn it into a sort of outdoor patio with pavers and moveable raised beds. Our request was to incorporate some diamon willow benches or trellis' or something. Its a multi-year project but it looks like they might be starting the first phase.

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