Thursday, December 10, 2009

Felted Slippers

On our recent trip down to Colorado to visit our good friends, the Holmbergs, Tim I decided to celebrate Christmas early and give them their gifts, especially since there was some finishing touches that had to be made.

They all received much too large slippers that needed to be felted to the right size.

Crazy Holmbergs before the felting:

Ok - I have to admit that I got one of the sizes wrong. I thought Logan was a size 16 but his shoe size is only a 13. So his slippers were a little big and had a long way to go to shrink to size.

We thought maybe he should just wear it as a hat…

It took a lot of hot water and many hours swishing around to get the fibers to mess together and shrink, but we finally had success!

Before: After:

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Anonymous said...

Wow very nice!!! You can come to my house next x-mas - those felt slippers look mighty comfortable!! Hi to the Holmberg family...

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