Tuesday, March 16, 2010

progress on the house

We are making some slow progress on the house - you know how it goes - everything seems to rely on something else getting done first. So we are figuring that part out. Plus we are limited to the supplies that are on hand. If we had to wait to order everything we'd be even farther behind.

We finally decided on some tile for the entry way and doorways leading to the decks. These are pretty small areas so we didn't need a lot of tile but it took about 6 weeks to get our plan together. During those 6 weeks we came up with some wacky ideas about making our own tiles and polishing stones...Luckily we finally found something in stock that we thought would be good enough.

And it turns out that it looks pretty nice with the flooring that we have, highlights some of the cabinets and trim, and it draws from colors on the beach you can see outside the doorway.

So we can do some grout and tick this off our list. Next up - remove old tile in kitchen and order new appliances. Anyone know of a good dishwasher - one that loads and unloads itself?

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