Friday, May 7, 2010

Boy Scout Beach and North Bridgette

Its all about the food, right? We had an awesome April birthday hike for Terry, with Oso, Linnie, and Kristie out to North Bridgette - Carnage Cove as our destination. We even had fresh wild strawberry shortcake with whipped cream courtesy of Kristi.

Beside the yummy food, the pay-off was seeing a pair of swans! Along with sapsuckers, gold-crowned kinglets, scoters, harlequin ducks, among others. We also saw whales breaching while we were eating lunch. We didn't see any northern shrike on this trip - the bird responsible for name of Carnage Cove.

The weekend before, Dave, Kristi, Oso, and Terry joined us on our beach survey. It was a glorious day - with the hint of spring in the air. They trail was almost completely clear of ice and snow.

We timed the walk with a low tide - this makes for a big beach and little chance of seeing any dead birds.

We looked for Mountain Bluebirds and other migration species but didn't see any. Kristi said that the next weekend was when the bluebirds came through.

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