Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Aunt Flo's Travels

I'm embarking on a new project. In 1911 my Great Aunt Flora [Flo] Salladay [Lowe] left Seattle on a journey to Fairbanks. She was meeting up with her sisters (my Grandma being one) to become a teacher. She left behind her journal and for the next 8 months I'll be following her on her adventure. She remained in Fairbanks for 3 years returning to Seattle.

Flo was born to Jacob Salladay and Mary Ann Secrest Salladay on April 6, 1884 in Ellensburg Washington. She graduates from the Ellensburg Washington State Normal and University of Washington at Seattle. She was one of thirteen children:

1. Anna Narcissca (1865)
2. Luther Elmer (1966)
3. Minnie Leah (1867)
4, Samuel Osborn (1869)
5. infant daughter (1870)
6. Ida Laura (1871)
7. Letha Dell (1873)
8. Lou Ota (1874)
9. George Washington (1877)
10. Opha Leila (1880)
11. Flora Etta (1884)
12. Loretta (1886)
13. Gladys (1889)

Gladys, Loretta, Flora, Letha were all graduates of the Ellensburg Washington State Normal and became teachers after graduation. Some taught for many years while others only taught a few years.

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