Monday, August 30, 2010

Triathlon Saturday

We've been wanting to do some biking all summer and have managed only one outing so when we heard that the forecast for the weekend was going to be decent (20% change of rain - mostly cloudy) we planned a trip to the Herbert Glacier.

RUNNING (a few feet but mostly walking):
And then we realized that this was going to be our opportunity to do our COASST dead-seabird survey and since the trailhead is right across the street from the Herbert Glacier trailhead, we thought we better try to get that in too.

A few seconds of treading water in the hot tub seemed to take all the extra energy I had left over.

Herbert Glacier with Fall Colors:

Most of the pathway is like this - nice and smooth. There is some elevation gain on the way in which makes that way out a breeze!

August Beach Survey:

It really wasn't this dark! We changed from our biking shorts and had a great bike in to the beach and then ran-I-mean-walked the beach. It was too warm for a jacket until we got around to the far side and then the breeze picked up.

We had a nice lunch (much needed after the bike ride) and watch a pod of whales across the channel.

and a soak in the hot tub to complete the swimming portion...ahhh!

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