Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Food

On one of our visits to Florida, Tim and I had an incredible dinner out at a strip mall at a place called the Food Shack. I know, it sounds super swanky, right? Well, if you find yourself in Jupiter Florida you really must try it out! The menu is incredible and they offer a lot of different fresh fish.

They have their regular dinner menu online. The servings are very large. I had the tropical paella which was excellent. This is on their regular menu. They also offer a nightly menu which had so many interesting combinations that I was overwhelmed! Tim had the sweet potato encrusted Grouper cheeks over greens and green beans with a lime cilantro sauce. We were too full for dessert but they all looked delicious too!

I found this recipe which is the one that we tried and it comes really close to the tastes at the restaurant. We made one change to the directions when it came to browning the fish. If you decide to use the butter with the oil then remember that butter browns things very quickly (read: fast) so be sure the use a lower temperature than suggested. We tried a sample and followed the heating directions and pretty much burned the first side. The second attempt was to leave out the butter and we had much better results.

The crust is delicious and the Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette is delicious - there was enough left over to have with a couple other meals. The vinaigrette (which actually has no vinegar in it!) has pretty much the same ingredients as a cuban recipe we make for Chimichurri–just the quantity of ingredients gives it a different taste.

We made this dish for the third time last night and decided to try cooking the fish on the grill. We rarely eat fried foods and the smell in the house lingers for days. We have one of those non-stick grilling pans that Tim got really hot and then placed the fish-sweet potato mixture into and turned the heat down. It turned out perfectly and didn't smell up the house!


Marc Olson said...

Mmmmm. I LOVE the Food Shack. I'll have to try this recipe.

Tim said...

I really like this recipe. Cooking the fish in the grilling pan was easy. I used a blast of cooking spray and high heat. I didn't touch them until it was time to turn them and they didn't stick.

This is one of my favorite fish recipes.... thanks to the Food Shack.

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