Thursday, January 3, 2013

December in Anchorage

It has become an annual affair to get together with my two sisters and some of the nieces for a December weekend. It began as a cookie baking weekend until last year when it got a little out of hand and we ended up with about 20 varieties of cookies - some double batched. So this year we but an embargo on butter and sugar and turned from bakers to makers. We did make a few batches of cookies, what kind of Ohlsen-girls would we be without some goodies for the cookie jar, but the batches were limited to just a few varieties.

The Valentine girls have a lot of art supplies and a couple of trips to Joann's increased the inventory with specific items we lacked. 

Button Stash Trees
Beginning with a large button gradually decrease the button size to create a tree complete with a little star at the top. We started out with green buttons and then quickly begin using other color pallets. We also thought these would make cute zipper pulls using small buttons.

Punched paper ornaments
We eventually got an assembly line going with a paper puncher, a awl hole maker, an assembler of bead on pin and pushed through the paper, one who actually planned and placed the pins on the styrofoam ball, and ending with the bow/hanger installer complete with glue gun. We experimented with different colored beads and with ribbon. 

Other paper activities included making gift tags and some other paper ornaments. Over the weekend some knitting and crocheting projects were accomplished. 

Great weekend hanging out together, limiting our dishwashing of cookie sheets to just a few times, and just being together!

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