Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend in Taku Harbor

We went for our first overnight voyage on the Lucky Me Too. It was a fantastic shake-down cruise with perfect weather!

Leaving Juneau on Saturday it was a little overcast and cloudy, but as we went south towards Taku Harbor, the skies cleared up.

Leaving Juneau

Maddy wasn't too thrilled about being on the boat....but she got better after she figured out what was going on.

Looking into the cove towards the public dock

On the Lucky Me Too

A trail towards the old cannery site

Some old pilings for the old cannery dock - lots of old machinery left behind

This is some old cannery housing or building of some sort. It looks like someone has been making some repairs as there was a new propane tank and new decking -- nice spot!

A cool, clear, creek

A panoramic of the cove with the dock

At sunset

Maddy was more comfortable hanging out on the dock than in the boat.

Lucky Me Too,after most of the other boats had left for the day

Looking back towards Stephens Passage

Tim at the helm, with Terry watching by

Heading back into Gastineau Channel (taken from the flybridge)

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