Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Weekend

A sure sign of spring in Southeast Alaska  is SKUNKCABBAGE!

We found some young tender shoots emerging from the cool waters by the Mendenhall River. We walk on the horse trail along the river as we found it mostly free from ice and slush. The paved trail was still pretty slick.

This is looking back from the mouth Montana Creek where it flows into the Mendenhall river. The water was really low!

And the remains from a winter of pine cone eating! The squirrel (or squirrels) were well fed!

And looking at the Mendenhall Glacier from Fish Creek on Douglas Island. Along the inlet of Fish creek we saw a bunch of mallard and some widgeons. Also saw a few sparrow lurking in the grasses. The migration is well on its way!

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Marc Olson said...

You're making me homesick. I can almost smell the damp, cool spring air.

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