Monday, October 12, 2009

West Glacier Trail 09

We had a nice walk on the West Glacier Trail. As we started out it started to rain but we were prepared for it. By the time we got done with the 5-mile hike it was pouring and we were very wet. Its always nice to get back to the nice, dry car and shed the sticky layers.

The first part of this trail would be a great little bike ride but it quickly starts uphill with switch backs and some boulder climbing. We have seen bikers on the upper trail but I'm just not that good of a mountain biker to attempt it.

Of course when it is cloudy you the blue of the old ice really shows better.

We haven't been up here for a couple of years but you can definitely seen the glacier mass decreasing in just that short time.

September 2009:

August 2007: (Boy that was a nice day!)

You definitely get a different view of the glacier from this side – here is Nugget Falls and the Visitor's Center from across the lake.

The trail – the rain had steadily gotten worse since we started out and the trail became a small creek bed!

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