Saturday, October 10, 2009

Granite Creek

We made it to Granite Creek before the snow started flying - its been on our list ever since we made our first attempt a couple years ago but had to turn around due to snow cover over a steep ridge - and us without our ice picks (or whatever you call them).

It was a warm out and the clouds deceived us into wearing long pants. It was very windy along the first part of the trail around the "horn" on Perserverance Trail - at one point it was a bit much and you had to really lean into it! We got pelted with little stones from the cut bank.

But it was all worth it. There were so many people out and about on the trail - we didn't go more then a few minutes without passing some coming in or going out. Looking back towards the basin – I think this is Icy Gulch.

When we got to the turn-off for Granite Creek we met a group of people who said there was a large group of sheep on the ridge. We counted at least 25 – look at all the white streaks!

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