Friday, October 2, 2009

Cappy in the Fog

Fog this morning - it is supposed to get up to 50 and sunshine today. If you look hard enough towards the sky you can see some blue up there.

There aren't any cruiseships scheduled but there is some big ship coming up the channel. It has been blowing its fog horn for about 25 minutes. It may be a supply barge or something else. It doesnot sound small.

We've had a small fishing boat and skiff anchored out in front of this house since this weekend. It it interesting to watch it when the tide changes. First it is right in front of the living room picture window and then it is gone - floating towards town. It seems like it is sitting right in the middle of the channel but boats don't seem to be bothered.

Oct is supposed to be the rainy month and so far yesterday was pretty rainy but today looks like a lovely, cool, autumn day - can't wait for the weekend!

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