Saturday, August 21, 2010

August Boy Scout Beach Survey

The August COASST bird survey was quickly accomplished with the help of Terry and Krystie along with Oso as protector. The walk started out with low clouds and the entrance to Eagle River, where it dumps into the ocean, was pretty foggy.

We got a late start and ended up seeing no dead birds :) along with no people and no dogs. Just us! We had a delicious turn-around-treat and since we had no food allergies with us we ate almonds and applies. We should have taken some shrimp out with us but we didn't think about it!

Besides a nice walk along the deserted beach, we were helped celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Boy Scouts. They much have all been downtown helping the old tourist ladies get across the streets because there wasn't a big event out at their beach!

When we started on our way back the clouds started to spit moisture and by the time we got to the woods it was raining pretty hard. It was a soggy ride back to town.

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