Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crazy Crepes

It was all inspired by nephew Robert. When he was visiting at the end of May we were downtown and as we passed one after another of the summer food stalls he asked if I had eaten at any of them: Mexican Tacos? no Crab Shack? no Crepes? no. Why wasn't I supporting tourism?

I happened to find myself downtown again this last week around lunchtime and decided to check out the crepes at the Alaskan Crepe Escape. I ordered a greek crepe with humus, feta, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, sundried tomato and it was delicious! It was made to order and just took a few minutes to wait for it. The crepe was as big around as a dinner plate and was very filling. The menu had both savory and sweet crepes - something for everyone (except no gluten-free!)

I haven't made crepes in a very long time and thought it sounded like a good idea so with that in mind I paid attention to what left-overs we were having that we could put into crepes for dinner one night. We hit the jackpot last night when we came up with two winning combinations. I used the recipe in my old Better Crocker cookbook - I think its pretty standard.

  1. Smoked salmon, grilles asparagus with a sour cream-lemon sauce
  2. Rib steak, chopped tomatoes, slivers of green onion with blue cheese dressing
I think we agree that our favorite was the salmon-asparagus combination. For the sauce I took 2 pts mayo, 3 parts sour cream, a little ground pepper, a big squirt of lemon juice, three large slices of fresh lemon pulp (finely chopped) and a sprinkle of Penzey's lemon rind.

We have crepes left over so we might have to have them with the blueberries we've been picking!

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