Sunday, March 10, 2013

Auk Rec Area - One of my favorites

The Auk Recreation area has always been one of my favorite places to visit for taking a walk or just being out in the elements. There is always something interesting to see there and you usually don't need special equipment (snowshoes or microcleats) to get to the beach. This was this taken this past weekend.

On one of our first walks here after moving to Juneau, there were people with scuba gear entering the water. Apparently there are a couple of submerged vessels that you can explore and is considered a great place for beginner divers.

having some fun with panorama's

The beach is rocky. It isn't very easy to walk on. But if you don't want to walk on the beach then there is a pathway through the forest which is well packed.

Last summer the forest service chopped down some very big trees and left the rounds.

I like to go here for salmon berries in late July-August, although I think a lot of other people also like to pick here so you have to have pretty good timing.

Also last fall you can see interesting lifeforms taking nourishment from the surroundings.

Squirrel Stash


You can walk out to Point Louisa and look out over the beginnings of Lynn Canal. On a really clear day you can see over to Admiralty Island. This weekend we had some cloud cover.
Thanks for bearing with my obsession with panoramas!

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