Sunday, March 17, 2013

March recipe of the month

Tim's culinary Christmas present continued for March with a multiple part recipe. Here are the ingredients that he received in the mail -- that is rye flour in the bag...any guesses?

By the way....we haven't heard from Melody and Jason although we managed to survive to report on the recipe.

Meatballs (Frikadeller) Smørrebrød and Danish Red Cabbage (Rødkål) for Smørrebrød. So we made the Frikendeller and Roadkill cabbage for dinner one night and then had leftovers in sandwiches for lunch. YUM!

The Cabbage dish was supposed to simmer for 1.5 hours and then refrigerate overnight so we made that the might before we made the meatballs. The red cabbage was sauteed in butter with some red wine vinegar, orange juice, and current jelly added after it was slightly softened. The recipe called for apples but we decided to leave them out. After simmering and sitting over night, the dish smelled wonderful. It was like a sweet sauerkraut except you didn't have to wait for 3 months for the fermenting to take place.

This recipe for meatballs called for ground turkey and pork, onions, rye flour, eggs, parsley, salt & pepper. It also called for 2 cups of soda water which we thought was maybe a translation error and we used 1/4 cup. It also called for some nutmeg which we left out. We should has substituted some garlic for the nutmeg. We were also supposed to fry the meatballs in butter, but opted for baking the meatballs on a pan in the oven. We make a dozen meatballs the size of an apricot and had enough left over to put in a breadpan and bake like a meatloaf.

And the final product served with a baked potato.

We forgot to have the crispy fried onions! For lunch we sliced up the meatballs, reheated the cabbage, added the fried onions on a whole wheat hoagie roll. Equally delicious!

So after eating all those meatballs, we're off for a walk as it is a really nice spring day in Juneau!

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