Wednesday, January 16, 2008

restaurant review #11

As one does on vacation, we had many meals out of the house and had mostly good experiences.

Aspen: Hickory House - right on main street in Aspen. We timed our arrival perfectly getting one of the last tables and placing our order before the one larger group that got there before us had a chance to settle down. Two bbq sauces, one a little spicier than the other, but it was hard to pick a favorite. Jeanne and I had the pulled pork sandwich which wasn't really a sandwich as it was so stuffed you had to eat it with a fork. Tim got talked into having the baby-back ribs by a smooth-talking server. Kelsie had just had her braces adjusted so she settled for mac and cheese despite that server trying to talk her into the chili and although we tried to talk her into just having the applesauce. (stick to your guns, girl, don't bow to peer pressure!)

Glenwood Springs: Zheng - in Glenwood Meadows Mall. Interesting Asian Bistro with a diverse menu. We had it all: lots of water, asian beer, crab rangoon, potstickers, atomic shrimp, more water, ginger pork, garlic pork, two pitchers of water, General's chicken with special dipping sauce, shrimp lo mien, lots of great flavors. Oh yeah, we went here after soaking in the hot springs!

Seattle: Steelhead Diner (right above the public market) good place to get out of the rain and enjoy an interesting menu. I had a roasted pork sandwich with melted gouda cheese and Tim had a mushroom, onion burger served on sourdough. Fries came with and they were the best - hot and crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Just the right amount of salt. You didn't even want to spoil their taste with catsup!

LaConner: Seafood and Prime Rib House within walking distance of most things in this quaint little town amidst the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley. This restaurant was pretty good - nothing earth shattering but what you might expect from a seafood and steak house. I had crab stuffed prawns and Tim had the snapper fish and chips. Both served with Mac and Jack African Amber - one of our favorite beers. We stayed at the Channel Lodge a very nice place along the swinomish water channel. Complete with wine reception and extensive continental breakfast, we enjoyed the gas fireplace, big comfy arm chairs, and unlimited hot water.

Seattle: Ipanema Brazilian Grill An awesome dining experience that has to be planned since its all you can eat! Nothing better than young brazilain men welding long skewers of roasted meat, poultry, shrimp, and coming directly to your table and carving a hand-picked slice (or chuck). Thirteen types of grilled cuts including: beef, pork, boar, turkey, chicken, sausage, shrimp ending with grilled pineapple. This all comes after a trip to the salad/appetizer bar. Plus there's greens, black beans, fried bananas, whoo…and then we ordered dessert! Pave de Maracuja - passion fruit mousse and marscarpone cheese with lady fingers - a tropical tiramusu! Its a little on the pricey side but its an evening's worth of dining and entertainment.

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