Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soaking it in

While visiting our friends in Glenwood Hot Springs Colorado we took advantage of the hot water pools that are located in the heart of downtown. Its really a tremendous way to spend several hours. There were two main pools open - one about 104° and the other cooler with varying temperatures depending on where you were (along the edges were definitely cooler). The pools where enormous - the longest one felt like the length of 3-Olympic pools (no kidding). There were some water slides which looked like a lot of fun but they are closed in the winter (not sure why - I can't image soaking in the pool when its 80° outside!).

There is a hotel right on the premise and that would be an excellent way to really enjoy the pools giving you the opportunity to come and go throughout the day. There's a bunch of different restaurants within walking distance and the amtrak station is right next door. Next time you're in the area we highly recommend it!

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