Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekend Ski

We had a really windy weekend with gusts up to 75 mph here at the pier house. It really rattled the windows and the metal roof. We are located in one of the windiest spots in the area – the wind blows right over the mountains directly at our house. You can usually see the gusts come over on the water. The water starts to ripple and then it hits the house with a blast.

We thought that it probably wouldn't be as windy out by the glacier and we were right. The other 75 people had the same idea but the area is pretty big so it didn't seem too crowded. We skied around the lake and only had wind for about a quarter mile while we were heading to the north. It didn't take long for the track to get filled up with blowing snow. I bet with the wind chill it was -15 - similar skiing weather in Fairbanks. It wasn't too bad and most of the time the wind was at our backs. It wasn't blowing enough to push you along, dangit!

It was really nice to get outside during the daylight!

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Anonymous said...

Yea! You got to go skiing. What a beautiful backdrop.

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