Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another sunny Day

Taken from the parking lot at the Breeze Inn by the Douglas Bridge - out for an afternoon of biking. Who know that only a few hours in the sun would sunburn my pale white legs and cause me to wear long pants for the rest of the weekend!

After biking for 16 miles on Saturday after I returned from Fairbanks, we enjoyed a very sunny evening hanging around the house and planning our next adventure. I flew back on Saturday morning getting me back to Juneau about 9:30 am but it was too late to attend the weekly Audubon walk. This week was a trip up Sheep Creek trail, a trail that we had yet to do. On our bike ride we ran into someone who had gone on the walk and gave us the bird report. We decided to tackle the trail on our own on Sunday. Since we had a suggested bird list that would make things easier for us not-very-experienced birders.

We actually studied the book and listened to the Birds of Alaska CD...pretty intense! We didn't see the MacGillivray's Warbler but we saw a lot of Wilson's and Yellow Warblers. Here's my picture of the yellow - my point and shoot doesn't have that long or wide of a lens but it does fit in my pocket.

The camera that fits in a pocket is pretty nice unless you switch it to video and then accidentally hit the play button and take a 6-minute video of the inside of your pocket while the audio is recording. If you're interested - let me know and I'll send it to you! Anyway, it made me laugh!

On Monday we decided to do a shorter hike and some fishing. We hadn't been out to Tolch Rock near the Mendenhall Glacier. Its actually a big erratic out in the middle of the woods. It was a short flat hike which was just right after the long bike ride and hike from the previous days.

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