Friday, May 2, 2008

Dancing with Peeps

The weather has been very nice here and its been hard sitting inside at a desk when you can catch a glimpse of the sky. So we decided a picnic-dinner-walk out at North Douglas was the plan for the evening. While we were making sandwiches it started to sprinkle…but we went anyway. So what started out as a picnic-walk, turned in to a quest for identifying a group of shorebirds perched on a rock.

Which lead to an amazingly huge (maybe 400-500) mixed group of Ruddy Turnstone, Black Turnstone, and Rock Sandpipers. There might have been more species mixed in the group but we're not that good and we didn't bring the scope for the best clarity.

I was actually able to get quite close to them and they didn't seem to mind my presence until I started dancing!

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