Thursday, May 1, 2008

Splish Splash I was taken a Bath…

and glad to have this knitted towel (pattern) with hood to slip into afterwards so I wouldn't get chilled. This was fun to knit–very easy stockinette stitch. The little elf hood is kinda funky and not exactly what the pattern picture looked like but I like it. I added the big pompom on the end for extra floppiness. I also dug out my crochet needle and attempted to crochet a row around the towel to make the border a little thicker. That part actually was fun and makes me think that I might try more crocheting. I used a variegated cotton yarn and I like how the stripes turned out.

I knitted a matching washcloth to go along with the towel. I don't have any of my dolls or stuffed animals except for this little gal, so she got to act as model!

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naomi lynn said...

It's too small for me. I guess I will have to lose some weight/ height..

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