Thursday, July 9, 2009

Herbert Glacier 09

We had a nice ride out to the Herbert Glacier last sunday. The weather was so nice and sunny. Most of the ride goes through the forest so it was nice a cool. The trip in is very fast and the trail was in really good shape.

This is the earliest in the season that we've come out here. With all the warm weather the river was really high and the low section where we can usually get across without getting too wet was to high. You can see across the to the beach in this picture and we usually drop our bikes and continue on foot over the base of the glacier. The only way around would have been to scrabble over the rocks and boulders ad we didn't really feel like doing that.

So we found a wide spot in the trail that had a breeze to keep the flies away and had a picnic. The trail is only about 4.5 miles one-way and you don't realize that most of the trip in to the glacier is uphill until you are breezing along on the way out. You hardly have to peddle at all!

My bike is making a clicking noise so I need to take it in to get it looked at and Tim needs new tires or maybe just a new bike that has suspension. Going over rocks and roots are hard on your limbs without suspension.

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