Friday, July 24, 2009

Hike up Eagle Crest

The Eaglecrest ski area is about 8 miles from where we live on Douglas Island. You travel up Fish Creek Road to the very top. There are two lodges, one at the base and one at the top. From the base to the weather port at the top is about a 1400' elevation gain.

We thought we'd hike up and see what it looked like. We have been to the lower lodge a couple of years ago when we came up to pick blueberries. If you get off the packed areas it is wet and soggy. It was such a beautiful day that we had already decided that if we had to wear rubber boots or put on a jacket because of the alpine temps we would turn around and head to the beach. We had our beach chairs and sandals in the back of the truck.

The walk up is very steep but if you can take your eyes off the trail where you are walking for a few minutes, or when you stop to catch your breath, the wildflowers are gorgeous!

and then it happened:

No battery - I forgot to charge up the camera battery before heading out on this hike. dang it!

This last year the sky folks put in a new lift and punched through a road to the top. The road is very wide and some places are packed nicely while other spots have large, loose rocks on it. Road to top.

We met up with Mitch who was riding his bike up the road. We didn't want to interrupt his momentum going up the hill but we caught up with him a bit later on his way down. He gave us a good suggestion to head up towards the weather port that you can see on top of the mountain. At that time we didn't know there was an upper lodge so that was good information.

Since my camera was no good, you'll have to image if this was a summer shot (Winter view). The trees are in various shades of dark green, the sky was very blue with just a bit of haze (from the Interior fires) which softened the view of the various peaks of mountains. The slopes are a blanket of green grass, pink, white, yellow, blue, and purple wild flowers with some patches of snow and meandering creeks here and there.

On the way up we spotted a beautiful pond area with a shallow creek running through it. There were several small boulders in the pond that looked like perfect little seats. We had already decided to stop here on our way back, take off our boots and do a little wading while we ate our lunch. Pond

Here are some other summer/spring pictures from the eaglecrest website.

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