Saturday, August 8, 2009

berries, berries, berries

Blueberries and Salmonberries make a very colorful assortment of great tasting fresh Alaskan fruit! I just love how the salmonberries can be ripe and be yellow, orange, red, and dark purple. You just never know!

The berries this year are incredible. We had so much sunshine and dry weather that the berries just soaked that all up and are nice and plump and abundant. It was easy to pick a spot, sit down and pick with both hands just reaching around you picking what was close. It was not uncommon for a single stem to have 30-40 berries.

It was very hard when we headed down the hillside not to stop at every patch and pick away. We had to pull ourselves away several times. And showing off the fruits of our labor: Tracey, Evolyn, Heidi and Terry and one begging dog: Keeta.

The bag with all the yellow that I'm holding - that was Tim's bag filled with the succulent salmonberries!

So what will we make with our berries? blueberry pie, blueberries muffins, blueberry flan, blueberry sauce, blueberry creamcheese dessert, blueberry jam? blueberry cookie bars (leave out the date mixure and use 1 cup of blueberry jame) or over ice cream or yogurt? Maybe we better go back for more!


Carol Gering said...

Wow...they look beautiful! They're predicting a possibility of frost here in the next week. Isn't that ridiculous? In August!

Lorena Sims said...

wow those berries looks good

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