Monday, August 17, 2009

Lemon Creek Valley and Trail

We went on a new trail this weekend. Its one in the 99 Short Trail of Juneau book that we've been working on and its one that we haven't been on before. It was windy and rainy at the house on the channel so we thought it might be a little better in the valley. We also needed some light bulbs so thought we could hit the Home Depot before a little walk in the woods.

I understand that when they built several of the new box stores in Lemon Creek the trailhead was disturbed and it was very hard to get to. They have since contoured the hillside, put in a parking space and made a grand entrance to the trailhead.

First you go up over the first little hill and then the trail drops way down into the valley and you you begin to wonder what the return trip is going to do to your lungs!

I just love this florescent fungus. I figure if I every get lost in the woods I just need to find some of this and surround myself with it. It evens seems to glow in the semi-dark.

At the base of the hillside we came across a nice flat area with a little creek going through it. I'm guessing that this area is usually really wet but because of the dry summer we are having the creek has kept to his intended pathway. Whenever we come across large water area filled with Skunk cabbage it really does remind you of Land from the Lost or some other prehistoric setting. These particular cabbage must have come from really perfect growing conditions because they were all so huge. Most of them were as tall as me and had huge leaves. (Click on the image below to get a closer look)

Unexpected were the bike jumps that were carefully placed on what seemed the muddiest parts of the trail. I don't think this trail is hiked very often so I could see why the adventurous mountain bikers might like it. A little to steep and narrow for me though.

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