Friday, August 17, 2007

My bad…

I just looked back at the last few posts here and boy am I behind! There has been lots going on and there's many things I wanted to talk about but I haven't posted anything substantial (some might think I've never posted anything substantial) in quite a while. I'll try this weekend to catch up.

First off - I've added a way for you to subscribe by email so that when I post something you'll get an email notification. If you look in the sidebar on the right side of the web page, right after the profile information, you'll see a Subscribe to Email Notification box - just enter your email address. I've had a few people try this out and it seems like it works pretty well. The service is free. It only updates itself a couple of times a day so its not instantaneous notification. It might also take a day or two to get itself established. My testers say that it does not seem to generate additional spam or solicitations. Just remember that some firewalls or email spam filters might stop these notifications. If you sign up and aren't getting any emails - let me know. It could be that I haven't posted anything, it hasn't been long enough to update, or your email provider is blocking the emails. Note also that you won't get the pictures I post so you'll probably want to check the actual blog to see those – I know how you all just wait with anticipation to see the beautiful images I post (and to see what poses I can talk Tim into taking!).

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