Friday, September 14, 2007

100 good things to eat

Need an energy boost? Trouble sleeping? Do you need to hold what you're reading just a little bit farther out from your face? Here's some suggestions for incorporating specific food items into your daily eating to aid in productivity, digestion, filling up without weight gain, and other health related issues. top-100-foods-to-improve-your-productivity

As I scan through this list there isn't really anything on it that I don't like and most of the items are already in the pantry or frig. I was especially glad to see the suggestions for the heart-healthy group - what better way to start with day but with dark chocolate covered bananas, kiwi, and grapes!

But do realize that there may be mistakes, errors, or misnomoers on this list. If you notice the second entry:
  • Raisins: If you need a boost of energy, steer clear of the carbs and grab a pack of raisins. These high-energy fruits are low in fat and calories and rich in antioxidants which help restore your body’s most important cells.
Everyone knows that raisins have quite a few carbs in them (100-115 per cup) so you just need to eat in moderation.

I also thought this table was interesting on which has a Table of Glycaemic Index of Foods. Skimming through the high column I did notice quite a few gluten-free products.

This is making me hungry...

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