Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We arrived and out comes the SUN!

Sitka – what a beautiful place–when the sun is shining! We had a very nice visit with Tim's folks and you couldn't have asked for better weather. One afternoon Tim and I walked from the house on Mt Edgecumbe down through town, past Cresent Harbor to Totem Park. It was a nice little walk and we enjoyed seeing the sites along the way.

The requisite totem pole picture:

The awesome view of downtown Sitka and Mt Edgecumbe from Totem Park

And voted "best view" from a fast-food restaurant – no one minds waiting in the drive-through line here!

Crazy Salmon doing head butts into the metal gate – "com'on guys…all together now…on three, 1…2…3…thump"

St Peters by-the-Sea

Soon before heading to the ferry terminal, we took a short drive to Blue Lake out the end of the road towards where the saw mill was. Tim's Mom said the chocolate factory opened up in the building but we didn't have time to stop. The lake is about 5 miles in on a nice dirt road - we didn't venture down the hill to the lake - we'll have to save that for another trip. I think we might bring our bikes next time and try this trail out. There's also a hiking trail that goes from here over to Thimbleberry Lake - a relatively new trail was completed some time this winter.

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