Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Knit Reads

Some of you may have read Debbie Macomber's 3-book series about the Knitting Shop in Seattle where all the various characters overcome their hardships. I just found another author who center's some of her books around knitting: Maggie Sefton. I just read Knit One, Kill Two which is a story that includes knitting, mystery, murder, and Colorado. I think she has two more novels out that I'll have to see if the library can get them.

These are sweet books, warm and fuzzy, not to everyone's taste, not academic, not really that well written, but there's a place for such books in the general population and fun to read if you need a break from your usual genre.

I'm pretty sure that there's room for an Alaskan mystery that involves quiviat and a knitted project. Maybe even an entire series on basket-making, beading, carving - just think of the dangerous tools involved in such craft.

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ginny said...

oh I am totally including a couple pages about Qiviut and knitted stuff in my paper and presentation. PLUS, I will be bringing some soft and fuzzy "visual aids".

ginny & wrangler

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