Monday, February 11, 2008

Braving the Elements

Shown: Heidi, Tim, Tisha, Melody, Roxi, No-Face Rune and Robyn. Archie (with the really solid tail that wacks you in the shin) is sporting the tri-colored pack.

Over this last week Alaska saw some crazy below zero temperatures throughout the entire state. We were in Anchorage where it was -10 at its lowest. Being so close to the ocean Anchorage is typically very humid so the temperature seems to feels colder then it does in a dryer climate like Fairbanks. But Fairbanks was -40 below (so sorry to miss it!) which is just harsh.

We ventured out into the wilds and had a great walk at the Campbell Creek Tract which is set up for multi-purpose use. There were a lot of trails and they groomed some of them for classical and skate skiing. The trails seemed to be wide enough to accommodate walkers too. The area is close to the University by the Botanical Gardens. I image that in the summer its also a great place to take a walk or do some biking. Apparently its BLM land (730 acres) and has a science center that would be fun to visit sometime.

We bundled up and ventured out while the sun was out. Tim and I had to borrow some cloths because we weren't prepared for those sub-arctic temps.

Shown: Chris, Archie, Tim, Tisha, Melody, Roxi, Robyn, Rune, Tango-The-Red

Note: If you're a red dog, the bridge can be a little scary, especially if you're afraid of the black dog and you're trying to get away from him, but he just wants to play.

Tisha wasn't able to make it for our PBR Bull riding adventure in September so Rune thought he would show her how it was done. I think Chris was showing Tisha where to land when she got bucked off.

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