Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend at the Beach

I should have cleaned the lens before taking this short movie - I forgot that I fell through the snow on our walk in to the beach area and got the lens wet. I was taking a picture of some snow on a tree when one foot broke through the snow crust and half of my body, including the right hand I had the camera in, fell through about 3 feet of snow. Luckily my boot didn't come off when I pulled my foot out of the hole.

I remember one spring break-up (about third grade) when Katherine and I were walking home from school (yes, we walked both ways!). There was a huge mountain of snow piled up by the bowling alley and we were walking on the topmost part. I punched through the snow and when I pulled my foot out my break-up boot didn't come with it. We couldn't pull it out and we had to hop home on one foot (ok - I probably walked in stocking foot) and get one of the neighbor boys to help get it out. I probably didn't thank him then, Thanks Randy.

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