Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekend happenings

An important job for Tim as project manager for the new TV channel he's working on is to make sure that the programs are running according to a schedule and accessible for all to watch. He's very serious about making sure no one messes with the cables.

Were these items placed in this pattern or was it happenstance? A product of the tide and waves? (I did see some small doggy footprints nearby - might be the work of that bichon frise sporting the red beret that I saw walking farther down the beach.)

Its a little hard to see because it was on the other side of the channel - the larger boat is probably a 40-footer. There were two skiffs pushing this platform with a couple of guys in the skiffs and a couple guys walking around the platform.

I think that this is probably fish & game or someone from one of the hatchery with the "fishlings" probably going out to Taku harbor where they will release them once they are big enough so we can all enjoy salmon in about 3-4 years.

We don't see many burls on our walks but we found this one for Dennis. Its about as big around as an old washtub. Its time to come down with your chainsaw! I don't think the forest service will mind...

It just struck me to see these tropical-like ferns feasting on the nutrients found on this large spruce tree - all bright and green in the middle of winter!

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