Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shadow Pattern

I started this bag pattern around the Christmas holiday but finishing it up got put on hold for various reasons. I modified the pattern roughly from this fair-isle felted tote pattern I found in Ravelry and changed the side pattern to strips like another bag pattern I saw that I really liked. The shadow pattern came from my Mosiac Knitting book. I liked how Lion Brand "Fisherman" yarn felted up so I used it again for this bag.

The sides are a little poochy, a result, no doubt of not carrying the yarn as tightly as I did for the patterned sides. I was hoping that when it felted it would all come out about the same size.

I used a large post office cardboard box as a mold - it seemed to be the perfect size. This box has had two feltings molded on it and is about shot.

And the final product - I'm very happy with how it turned out.


Juneau Alaska Photos said...

Nice work! Do you sell any of the things you make?

Heidi Olson said...

no - don't normally sell anything - just a labor of love! If someone wanted to buy the yarn I'd probably make it for the challenge!

naomi lynn said...

When you are in town next, or I am up there, will you teach me how to carry yarn? It amazes me how you can do it so quickly and effortlessly, breezing through beautiful projects. I like your modifications to the original--this turned out beautifully!

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