Monday, February 2, 2009

Tasty Pizza

I'm trying to clean out the freezer and came across some peanut sauce I had made too much of and froze. Then I was looking through one of my favorite websites, Tastespotting, and saw this recipe for a Thai pizza. Of course I didn't have all the ingredients that the recipe called for so I substituted what I had and what I thought would be tasty.

For the fresh topping the recipe calls for carrots, snow peas, green onions and cilantro and I used slivered carrots, bok choy, red pepper, red onion and dried basil. This was terrific! Even good the next day eaten cold from the tin foil!

Next time I'll use a little more seasame seed oil on the fresh ingredients and add fresh basil. I'm not a big raw onion fan so I might lightly saute the onions but nothing else. The spicy peanut sauce and the fresh salad on the top was a good complement for the tastebuds!

Note to self - don't take a picture of something on foil – its much too shiny!

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