Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Around town

This town is a really physical town but who would have thought that they would build a climbing wall right downtown! They have been blasting the side of this cliff for several months now removing some of the lower mass to create a sheer cliff.

Ok, actual they are planning a parking garage/bus terminal for this corner.

A totem pole at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. I signed up for a short Juneau 101 course at the museum. It turned out to be more of a training course for new folks who are new or returning to the tourist industry for the summer. It was still interesting and a few facts about Juneau were straightened out in my mind. We also received a nice collection of brochures and flyers that they sell in the museum in a packet. It will make for good reading.

I'm not sure why Harbor Books in Sitka doesn't have a more permanent sign then this one written on a paperbag!

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Heidi Olson said...

Here's a bit more on that totem pole that lives outside the Museum. Its called Harnessing of the Atom and was carved by Amos Wallace in 1967. The top two figures signify the transfer of Alaska from the Russians to the Americans. The top figure is an eagle (US) and the second figure is a Russian priest (symbolized by the beard) with crossed hands showing the religious concept. The bottom three figures represent the Tlingit version of the origin of creation and the harnessing of the atom. The middle figure is man, the second to the bottom is the sun and the bottom is an image of the raven.

Source: Edward Kunz

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