Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend with my Sister

My sister came this weekend and it sure what great to have her here! It was nice to show her more about what our surroundings are like and to experience some of things that we like to do.

And of course, a picture with Cappy was required!

There was a New York Times article printed recently that talked about what do to in Juneau if you only had 36 hours.

Here is a short list:
  1. buy xtra tuffs - She already has nice hiking boots
  2. switzer creek trail - We didn't do the switzer creek trail but we did go to Outer Point Trail in North Douglas. This trail goes through the rain forest and winds through a couple different ecosystems from the forest to the beach.
  3. have fish at hangar on the wharf - we had a nice lunch at the hangar with Terry. We didn't haven't salmon though - Roxi had blackened chicken, I had Jambalaya and Terry had the seafood chowder!
  4. perseverance theater - We went to "Skin of our Teeth" It was really long and a bit confusing but the acting was very good. We also went to the pipe organ concert that is offered at the state office building on Friday afternoon.
  5. see sea life - We drove out to 32 mile and saw humpback whales and harbor seals from the house.
  6. downtown bar hopping and mexican food - didn't go out drinking this time (have to save something for next time) but we had some delicious roasted anaheim peppers stuffed with blackbeans/corn/cheese in corn tortillas at the house
  7. history: state museum/evergreen cemetery - we chose to learn our history with a tour of the UAS campus where we saw a totem pole that is in progress. We also walked back to Ernest Gruening's cabin at Amagla harbor.
  8. downtown shopping while cruise ship in town - spend time (and money) at Changing Tides and a few other gift stores and watched all the people
  9. bookstore
  10. Mediterranean dining - is pastrami stromboli bread mediterranean?
  11. Drink Coffee - We don't drink coffee - we drink tea and had some at the house
  12. Mendenhall Glacier - we didn't hike back to the falls but we got a good look of the glacier, waterfall and ice bergs in the lake all from the pavillion.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we did do quite a bit. I know I sure had a great time and am looking foward to my next visit.
Love you,
Big sis, Roxi

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