Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Concourse B finally open

Concourse B at the Anchorage airport finally opened sometime between my September and December trips through to Fairbanks. It always feels gook to walk around between flights to get the blood flowing to the legs after sitting for a time. With this new area to walk, you get a few more yards in.

I'm sure in the summertime this concourse will be busier, but so far I've only seen a couple people, mostly sleeping or taking a walk like me. The concourse is for the "other" airlines: Delta, Northwest, etc.

But I love the geese sculptures flying along the pathway and the shiny tile on the floor. I think these geese have a lot of character.

When I see things like this I wish I knew how to weld. My niece took a welding class and it got me thinkging about the options. I see that UAS offers it so I might have to see about it one of these semesters. I wonder how long it would take me to get from spot welding to doing something large like this!

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