Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knitting Project for new House

I couldn't find a bath mat I liked for our guest bathroom so I knitted one up. I'm not sure yet if I want to secure a rubber backing to it or not. It doesn't seem to be slippery but I haven' really tested it out completely. These pictures doesn't show the colors very well - the gray stripes are actually a baby blue color.

I used 100% cotton yarn and size 11 needles. My gauge was 12 stitches = about 4 inches. I didn't really care about the row measurement but it looks to be about 17 rows = 4 inches.

Cast on 60 stitches with double strands of yarn. I actually purchased way more yarn then I needed (4 skeins of tan, 2 of blue, and 2 of burgandy - each one 400g/14oz and 710 yards) but I didn't want to run out and when I got the yarn and I didn't actually have any idea of how much I would need. I knew I wanted to use a double strand and it is easier for me to not separate 1 skein but to use two. I can probably make 4 more similar sized rugs. Or maybe a toilet seat cover, shower curtain, towel set and toilet paper holder. or not.

Here is what I did:
5 rows moss stitch for end border, 15 rows of stockinette stitch maintaining 5 stitches in moss stitch to continue the edge border. 6 rows of loops (actually loop row, purl row, and repeat 3x).

It was a pretty quick project and came out the perfect size that I wanted (23 x 31). I had a little trouble following the directions for making the loops in the knitting dictionary I have and found this example much easier to understand. It does slow you down but I think it is a fun stitch and I'll probably be doing more of it.

Did you notice how clean the grout in the tile looked it the first picture? It was scrubbed with a finger nail brush on my hands and knees. Just wanted to point that out!

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