Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ruffles Purses

I find working with the tape-style yarn from Lion Brand Ruffles or Sensations Flounce, or Premier Flamenco, a challenge but in a good way. You can't knit very fast or you get messed up but it doesn't take too long to finish a project.

This one for Barb, has a beaded handle. I decided to put in a crimp between every 10 beads just in case it broke. I used a stainless steel thread so it should be pretty strong.

I'm not very good at the hand sewing. I tend to want to get it done and take too big of stitches or don't make them even. I tried to pay more attention if I know it will show. I found some mending tape that you iron on that I used to make a nice straight side. Then this is sewn together for the sides and makes a much cleaner and even side. In the past I would have tried to fold and iron a straight edge but this works much better for me.

And here is one I made for Tammy last summer. It has two pre-made handles. I added a snap-clasp that I hope works out ok.

And here is a small brown purse. There was just enough yarn left over to braid a strap for it.

and I added a black frog closure:

I have more of this yarn in other colors so I'll probably be making some more unless I find another project that needs ruffles. Tatiana suggested making a dress!

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