Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cup Cozzies

I used up some scrape yarn and had a lot of fun making these cup cozzies over the holiday break for my co-workers. Some of these are felted using 100% wool and some are made from different weights of yarn using different patterns.

These are some of my favorites:

The red is a just an alternative k2tog for one row and yo for the next to maintain the correct number of stitches. The white and pink is just knitted and purles but I like the white hairy yarn. Maybe white isn't the best choice for covering a coffee cup though. I didn't think of that!

I love making the loop stitch (blue). I think loops are fun. The green/white is using a pattern called Broken Rib pattern where you k1, p1 for one row and then purl the next.

And these felted ones were fun too. It is always interesting to see how long something will felt and how big you have to make it to get it to felt to the correct size.

The pattern for the felted cozy came from a calendar that Tam gave me last year.

Cast on 50 stitches
Rows 1-3: K
Row 4: K8, K2tog (RS)
Row 5: P (WS)
Row 6: K
Rows 7-10: repeat rows 5-6
Row 11: P 14, P2tog, P13, P2tog, P14
Row 12-17: Knit RS, purl WS
Row 18: K14, K2tog, K11, K2tog, K14
Rows 19-21: Knit RS, purl WS
Row 22: K 19, K2tog, K20
Row 21-25: Knit Rs, purl WS
Bind off.

For the non-felted cozy I used the free pattern from Knitpics as a bases and used my knitting pattern dictionary for the pattern stitches.

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