Thursday, October 11, 2007

Burst Bubble

I'm so sorry that my update to the blog after a brief absence has to be announcing bad news. I was sent this link this afternoon during a discussion with a Claudia about one of my favorite tea flavors: Vanilla Maple from Celestrial Seasonings. I haven't been able to find this particular flavor for maybe a year but managed to find it at the Natural Pantry when in Anchorage last month.

This link has special significance for good friend Vern, and for my family, who have spent many hours of cooking and eating this special treat. Sharing this treat has provided hours of entertainment and has provided special memories that will be kept close to our hearts. We've experimented with flavors and added additional ingredients and I grieve that we weren't the first ones to create a product for resale.

The site says the taste is inimitable, and I would have to agree that its very hard to reproduce or substitute some flavors for others. I am curious though to know if they got the correct ratio of ingredients right in their product. Its a delicate balance that combines the flavors that is so important to your palliate. But I won't be purchasing this product - some things just can't be bought.

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Anonymous said...

First thought Noooooooo!!!!! Second thought - Can't come close to OUR versions. Can't come close to our chefs input. I won't be purchasing either - I agree - some things just can't be bought.
Roxi V.

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